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Larry Nassar, D.O., ATC, FAOASM


OST502 Class

Dr. Nassar with his OST 502 Class where he teaches physical examination to the first year MSU COM medical students.

Dr. Nassar has been teaching OST 502 since 1997.  This is the course where the first year College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) students learn their physical examination skills.  Dr. Nassar feels it is a privilege to work with these students.  He states, “Working with the medical students is a pleasure.  It is fun to see them improve their skills throughout the course.  I hope I have given them a good foundation to build from for the rest of their medical careers.”

According to the 2008 edition of America’s Best Graduate Schools from U.S. News and World Report, MSU COM is ranked number 1 for Osteopathic Medical Schools and number 5 for all medical schools (MD and DO) combined in primary care medical education.  To learn more about the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine click on the following link:

Dr. Nassar and Jeff Monroe

Dr. Nassar with Jeff Monroe, ATC (Head Athletic Trainer for MSU) before he gives a lecture for Dr. Nassar’s sports medicine course to the MSU COM and CHM medical students.

Dr. Nassar developed the 4 course sports medicine curriculum for the MSU COM and CHM medical students.  These courses are FCM 521, 522, 523, and 524.  Dr. Nassar is the curriculum director for these four courses.  He has the sports medicine fellows lecture in these courses to give them an academic experience in their fellowship year. The courses are very popular.  Even though they are elective courses, on the average 100 medical students register for each course.  In addition to the classroom lectures the students take turns shadowing members of the MSU Sports Medicine Staff at area high school sporting events and at MSU varsity sports competitions.  This gives the students a chance to see first hand what it is like to work as a team physician for a sport. Dr. Nassar is also the faculty mentor for the medical students’ sports medicine club.  He founded the sports medicine club in 1988 when he was a student at MSU COM and is excited to see the club survive for so many years. 

Dr. Nassar at Holt High School

Dr. Nassar demonstrates an exam on a Holt High School student trainer with Holt High School Staff Certified Athletic Trainer, Steve Pingston for 2 MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine students after a football game.

Dr. Nassar has been working with the athletes at Holt High School since 1996.  Steve Pingston is the Holt High School (HHS) Staff Certified Athletic Trainer and has overseen a student training program in which Dr. Nassar has helped educate the students in sports medicine. Many of the student trainers have gone on to college pursuing careers in sports medicine.  Mr. Pingston and Dr. Nassar arrange a weekly injury clinic in the HHS training room to assess the injured athletes throughout the entire school year.  In addition to the weekly training room clinics, Mr. Pingston has Dr. Nassar attend all the home and away varsity football games.  Dr. Nassar lives in Holt and enjoys volunteering his time to the high school as a way of contributing to the community.

Dr. Nassar with resident

Dr. Nassar with 2nd year family practice resident Brook Lemmon, DO (far right) review an x-ray  with MSU COM 1st and 2nd Year Medical Students and a high school student at Geddert’s Twistars Gymnastics Club.

Dr. Nassar and Krissy Sutton

Dr. Nassar with Krissy Sutton, ATC.  Ms. Sutton was a graduate student in the MSU Athletic Training Program that spent 2 years with Dr. Nassar at Twistars Gymnastics Club. She is now a USA Gymnastics National Medical Staff member traveling to international events with the USA Gymnastics National Team.

Dr. Nassar has been the team physician for Geddert’s Twistars Gymnastics Club since it began in 1996.  He has a weekly sports injury clinic in a back room in the club that he has converted into an athletic training room.  Dr. Nassar uses this time to educate students in sports medicine.  Medical students can use this as a 1 credit elective by spending the entire semester with him at the club.  Dr. Nassar also has accepts one MSU undergraduate student to work with him for a semester to receive an elective credit in sports medicine.  Dr. Brooke Lemmon has spent all four years of her MSU COM medical school training working with Dr. Nassar at the club and has spent her family practice residency doing the same.  Because of the work that Dr. Lemmen has done, Dr. Nassar has placed her on the USA Gymnastics National Medical Staff to assist him at national gymnastics competitions.  Krissy Sutton, ATC also worked with Dr. Nassar at Twistars during her time as a graduate student at MSU and she is now a member of the USA Gymnastics National Medical Staff and now travels internationally with the USA team.  Gedderts Twistars Gymnastics Club is top gymnastics club in the nation at the Junior Olympic Level and has placed more gymnasts onto the USAG Junior Olympic Team then any other program in the country each year since 2000.  Since the club was founded in 1996, Geddert’s Twistars has won more state championships then all the rest of the clubs in the state of Michigan combined.  It is a great opportunity for students with a sports medicine interest to function in a high level sporting environment.

USA Gymnastics

Dr. Nassar assists an athlete at a 2005 USA Gymnastics National Training Camp

Dr. Nassar began working with the North Farmington High School Gymnastics Team in 1978 as a student athletic trainer.  His work with the high school team was rewarded with him receiving a varsity letter in women’s gymnastics.  His experience with the high school team encouraged him to continue working with gymnasts at the high school level and club level.  By 1986 he had excelled in treating gymnasts to the point that he was accepted onto the United States Gymnastics Federation’s National Medical Staff. By 1996 he was appointed by the USGF’s Board of Directors as the first National Medical Director.  USGF has changed its name to USA Gymnastics and Dr. Nassar is still the National Medical Director and the National Team Physician for the USA Gymnastics Women’s Artistic National Team. He has been able to travel around the world with the USA Team including 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007 World Championships.  He was sent by USAG to the 1987 Pan American Games, 1996 Olympic Games and the 2000 Olympic Games with the USAG’s Women’s Artisitic Teams and was appointed by the United States Olympic Committee to go to the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2008 Olympic Games.

Dr. Nassar is responsible to arrange the medical care at every national and international event that the USA Gymnastics Women’s Artistic Team attends.  He monitors the health of the national team throughout the year. 

Dr. Nassar assists Shannon Miller

Dr. Nassar assists Shannon Miller at the 2000 Olympic Gymnastics Trials after she hurt herself vaulting.

Dr. Nassar with Katie Teft

Dr. Nassar with Katie Teft at the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics Trials.  Katie Teft is now the MSU Gymnastics Assistant Coach.

D.O. Journal cover

Front cover of the DO Journal for December 1996.  1996 Olympian Kerri Strug being handed over to Dr. Nassar after she hurt her ankle vaulting.

Nassar System in use

Nassar System being used by a German gymnast at the 1991 World Gymnastics Championships

Nassar System in use

Nassar System ankle brace being used by an Argentina gymnast at the 1987 Pan American Games

Dr. Nassar with Scott Johnson

Dr. Nassar with 1988 Olympian Scott Johnson during the 1988 Olympic Tour.

Dr. Nassar with the German National Team Physician and Coach

Dr. Nassar with the German National Team Physician and Coach at the 2003 Gymnastics World Championships

Dr. Nassar at the United States Olympic Training Center

Dr. Nassar at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in 2006

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